Who remembers the jukebox at Pizza Hut?  Most of us '80s and '90s kids grew up begging for quarters to punch those numbers and hear our favorite songs!  What was on your Pizza Hut Jukebox Playlist?

I can see it now the year was 1989 and Momma and I lived in Toledo, Ohio, on the west side of town.  We were creatures of habit and loved to do special things together.  Friday nights were our time to wind down from the week and just sit and talk with one another.  We would go to Pizza Hut at least twice a month and I looked forward to it more than anything else we would do.  I knew for sure I would get to do two things:  Momma would order Hawaiian Pizza and let me play songs on the jukebox.

I would usually get two dollars in quarters and back then that was a lot.  My first pick "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys, then came "Paradise City" by Guns & Roses, "Cold-Hearted Snake" or anything by Paula Abdul, and of course, New Kids on the Block.  How could I forget..."Once Bitten Twice Shy" by Great White!

I felt like the coolest kid in the world when I grabbed the money and walked up to that jukebox to punch in the numbers to my favs.  The best part is when your song came on and every in the restaurant nodded and sang along.

Sometimes I would even have a coupon from school for a personal pan pizza for reading books.  Man, I miss being a kid.

The Pizza Hut here in Owensboro still has a jukebox and you can play songs just like when you were a kid.

Do you remember your Pizza Hut Jukebox Playlist?  We would love to hear it!  Head to the WBKR Facebook Page and share it with us.





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