Who doesn't love Loretta Lynn? She's from Kentucky, she's the first lady of country, she's an icon, etc. etc. Do you remember when she popped up on prime time TV in the early 80's? Let's take a look back.

I came across a Rolling Stone article that talked about the time Loretta guest starred in 1982 on ABC's 'Fantasy Island' HUH??? I wasn't aware of it, and I've got a clip, but first, Lynn's first TV appearance came in early 1980 one of my very favorite shows growing up, "The Dukes of Hazzard". She played herself and, she was kidnapped! Here she is singing "Y'all Come" with the gang at the Boar's Nest. Dang, I miss Waylon!

Loretta's backstory on 'Fantasy Island' was a little more intricate. She played a singing waitress who gave her daughter (played by Heather Locklear!) up for adoption and her fantasy is for her daughter to see her as successful. The song she sings is actually kind of sad, but beautiful of course.