Planting season is fast approaching. Yes! Come on, spring! And with planting season comes farm equipment on the highways.

Our two-lane roads are all our farmers have and we WILL be encountering large farm vehicles in the coming months.

Indiana state officials have compiled some tips that go for ANY state with regards to approaching farm vehicles.

Indystar posted the list and I thought it would be a good idea to share them. I know I was happy to see them.

These may be common sense suggestions but it never hurts to bone up.

If you see a combine or tractor or something large like that, keep in mind that the driver will usually try to get over and let you pass if he or she can. Just give them time.

Always be careful passing. It may seem easy because they won't traveling much more than about 25MPH, but they are wide vehicles and are probably not that far away from turning off the road.

Don't tailgate, even if you might be lulled into doing so. As slow as these machines go, you still need to be aware that they may be making sudden stops.

And, of course, if a two-lane road or highway is part of your travel plans during planting (or harvesting) season, just give yourself some extra time.

And be safe this spring.

Of course, we have to get through more WINTER weather, but spring IS coming.

We're pretty sure.

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