An absolutely scary night in Nashville.  A tornado ripped through the city.  While it's too early to fully assess the damage, reports indicate there were multiple people killed by the storm.  The footage from the east side of the city is terrifying.  This video was captured as the storm raged through town . . .

I have a variety of friends who have marked themselves safe from the storm.  My friend April Hyde, who we used to work with at The Grand Ole Opry, marked herself safe via social media.  So did our friend Dan Rogers, who's the Executive Producer of the Opry.  My friends Steve Roehm, Ben Crabtree and Garrett Leonard, all of whom are originally from Owensboro, did the same.  Luke Hilgenhold, our friend from Tell City who's studying at Belmont, marked himself safe too.  Our friend Steve Bridgmon posted this:

Of course, the National Weather Service will fully assess the strength of storm and the damage it caused. But if was indeed an F-3, the damage could be substantial. Remember, it was an F-3 tornado that touched down here in Owensboro back in January of 2000. And, we're already seeing proof the Nashville storm packed a massive punch.

NewsChannel 5 has reporters on the ground this morning.

YouTube user Six String Steve put together this video.  It's a compilation of storm footage and tweets and notices from the National Weather Service as the storm was approaching the area.

We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available to us here at WBKR, the WBKR app and

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