Whoo Hoo!!!  It's that time of year again.  The Town & Country Neighborhood Yard Sale will take place this Friday and Saturday!Town & Country is located off Tamarack Road behind the old Texas Gas Building.  Tons of sales, lots of deals, and even food if you're lucky.

I attend this sale every year.  Just a few things to help you prepare and have a successful shopping experience;

  • bring a wagon or cart
  • do not park inside the neighborhood if at all possible if you can walk park across the street from the neighborhood and walk in
  • bring lots of cash!  You will need it and don't be afraid to bargain with sellers
  • go EARLY!  There will be a ton of people shopping so get an early start and don't miss out!

I hope everyone has a great time and say HI if you see me because I will be shopping!

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