Truckers for the Homeless is a non-profit Christian organization that travels around feeding anyone who is hungry.  Saturday afternoon they will be in Owensboro.

David Wolkow and his wife, Darlene are the founders of Truckers For The Homeless.  David traveled state to state as a trucker and would observe folks living on the side of the road or in horrible conditions.  He wanted to do something about it.  At first, he would stop and offer food when he could, then he wanted to do more.

The mission for Truckers for the Homeless:  a non-profit organization that provides the destitute with food and essentials.

They would venture out to the towns they were in and get all the supplies needed and food and hand those out to the people who needed them.

David says in the larger cities there are soup kitchens and missions but in the more rural parts of the country you might find someone as you drive down the road and there isn't a store for several miles.

The misconception with homelessness is most people think it is just men or addicts, and this couldn't be further from the truth.  Many women are without homes because they have left a dangerous or abusive relationship.  Some leave with only the clothes on their back and very fast.

David shares at the Truckers for the Homeless website how one trip he was traveling from New Mexico and came across a man who had a sign that read I KNOW I'M DIRTY... I KNOW I'M HOMELESS... BUT I'M STILL HUNGRY.

Here is another part of the mission it is not only about feeding these people food:

When I went into the truck-stop I bought him something to eat. When I went back to the freeway I gave him his food along with a gospel tract. After leaving him I noticed in the mirror that before he ate, he read the tract.

He wasn't only physically hungry, there was SPIRITUAL hunger there also. It touched my heart and when I stopped for the night I kept hearing a voice in my Spirit saying "truckers for the homeless" over and over. There is more to the story! Bottom line is this...


David and his organization will be coming to Owensboro this Saturday to do a Hamburgers and Hot Dogs Supper.


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