Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard is a proud papa's of two kids two and under, and it seems his eldest child, daughter Olivia, is a pro at resisting temptation.

Hubbard's wife Hayley set Liv up to play the viral Toddler Challenge — a game which asks a toddler not to eat a sweet treat until Mom or Dad returns, all while being filmed to see what the little one chooses to do when not under supervision.

In a video posted on Instagram, Hayley places a small handful of chocolate chips in front of 2-year-old Liv as she sits at her little desk in the playroom.

"I'm going to put these right here, you can't touch them, ok?" Hayley instructs before exiting the room.

What comes next is nothing short of adorable, as Liv whispers to her stuffed animals.

"I have a surprise, I have chocolate chips," she tells them, standing up to announce the news in an excited whisper. She stares at the candy chips up close and passes the time by doing leg lifts with her plush Frozen blanket.

"I have chocolate chips," she says again with a smile on her face as her mom comes back into the room, flashing a proud smile as she declares that she did not, in fact, eat any of the sugary snack. But when Mom says it's okay, all bets are off — Liv grabs a fistful of chocolate and shoves them into her mouth in a pile, which draws a laugh from Mom, who says she reminds her of her Dad.

"We finally tried the #toddlerchallenge with Liv. I love everything about this, especially how she reminds me of her dad at the end! #iloveher," Hayley describes in the caption. 

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins also put their daughter Ada James to the toddler challenge, tempting her with a bowl of jelly beans. Like Olivia, Ada was successful in refraining from eating the treat until her mother returned. Jason Aldean's son Memphis has also participated in the treat test.

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