One thing Kentucky fans can look to for consolation when the 'Cats lose is a loss by Louisville. One thing Louisville fans can look to for consolation when the Cards lose is a loss by Kentucky.

Consequently, there must have been a lot of consoling happening in the Bluegrass State Tuesday night.

Still and all, we're talking two different levels of disappointment, here. Or at least we should be.

Yes, Louisville lost its second straight game and dropped to 4-2 in the Big East and 16-3 overall. But the Cards are a talented and experienced bunch who are wise enough to understand what needs to happen to break out of a possible funk. And they'd better do it in a hurry with a road trip to Georgetown on tap for Saturday.

For Kentucky, things are a little different, a little scarier. The 'Cats are now 3-2 in the SEC and 12-6 overall after Tuesday night's road loss to Alabama. Isolated, that's not a terrible loss. But they've now had six of them.

And while the SEC is as bad as I've ever seen it (which means there are wins out there to be had), Kentucky still has four games on its schedule that now look almost impossible to win, based on its progress to this point. I'm talking about the two Florida games, plus the road tilt at Ole Miss and the home game against Missouri.

I mean, have you seen the way Florida has been playing? The thought of what they could do to Kentucky makes you want to avert your eyes. And it hasn't even happened, yet.

I know the 'Cats are young. I know Willie Cauley-Stein didn't play Tuesday night. But I'm still seeing the kinds of mistakes that should have been corrected by now. These UK Wildcats aren't just young, they are painfully young.

Any guesses as to how many Tums John Calipari has eaten this season?