This is only one person's opinion but 2021 is already proving itself a bit better than 2020.  Do you remember the fancy sliceable ice cream cake made by Breyers from the '90s?  It's making a comeback.

I don't remember eating a lot of elegant or special stuff when I was a kid but when we went to someone's birthday party especially an adult and they had Viennetta for dessert we felt like royalty.

There is just something about the crunchy chocolate ripples in the middle of vanilla ice cream that makes you walk a little taller.

The treat actually wasn't made here in the United States but over in Europe and it is still in the freezer section in the country today.  According to; It was made by a guy named Kevin Hillman who worked for Wall's Ice Cream in 1981.   Viennetta made its way onto the scene in the Christmas season of 1982.

Now, this wasn't the type of ice cream treat you just went to the store and bought and ate on a random Thursday night.  It was definitely a special occasion treat and you didn't just sit around and snack on it, you savored every little morsel.

According to a press release from Unilever which owns both Breyers who used to produce and Good Humor who will now produce;  They will be producing 25 new treats in 2021.

Just to name a few of the treats;

  • Klondike Wake Me Up Coffee Donuts (all the coffee lovers are drooling)
  • Breyers Coconut Fudge Breeze (Chad is going to go crazy over this)
  • Breyers REESE'S Peanut Butter Snack Cups (Reese's fans OMG)
  • Carb Smart options (So many Americans are watching carbs)
  • Breyers Chocolate Pretzel Swirl (For those that like salty and sweet YASSS)
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