I'm easily entertained. Or maybe I'm oddly entertained. Or maybe it's odd that I've always been so easily entertained. It would explain my all-time favorite Owensboro department store and WHY I designate it as such.


I've mentioned this iconic Owensboro store a number of times, but it is once again relevant to a story. When I was a kid, and Mom would take my sister and me shopping downtown, we would always start at Anderson's Department Store. It's understandable if it's not exactly ringing a bell; it closed its doors in 1988. But the building still stands as the home to the Owensboro Museum of Science and History. And from most angles, it still looks as it did back then.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media
Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media


Anderson's was my favorite, yes, but there was no toy department. Not even during the Christmas season. No, Anderson's was my favorite because of a couple of PHONE BOOTHS.

They were in a waiting area/lobby/lounge halfway between the first and second floors...a waiting area that featured three large windows with a view of the entire first floor. But it was those phone booths that always fascinated me. They were wooden and featured those old black and white, rotary-dial telephones. And I was reminded of them when I saw this advertisement on Owensboro Barter & Trade from Tabatha Newman:

Tabatha Newman via Owensboro Barter and Trade/Facebook
Tabatha Newman via Owensboro Barter and Trade/Facebook

I have nowhere to put such an item in my home, but I hope someone does and then finds a creative use for it; it seems like it shouldn't JUST be a conversation piece. Although, I can see it generating plenty of conversations. And by the way, Tabatha tells me she came into possession of this item because it came with the house she bought this summer. How cool is that?


You know, at Western Kentucky University, in the lobby of the now-demolished Garrett Conference Center, there were old phone booths like the ones I've described from Anderson's. And that building was constructed in the 1950s, so those booths were original, and I found them fascinating.

Do you see what I mean? Easily entertained. That's me. I can sit and stare at PHONE BOOTHS and be perfectly content...imagining all the conversations about who knows what; picturing them as props from old Hollywood movies; and, yes, wondering how they'd fit in as decor in someone's home.

I'd be curious to see who snags this beautiful old piece AND what they do with it when they get it.

Maybe someone named CLARK KENT will take interest. That would be super.

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