I got really sweaty doing this.  Right. Guard. Emergency.  My thighs are sore.  I feel like I have given birth (which is par for the course for Angel). And I am pretty sure I got a little bit of rug burn on my knee caps.  This morning, for this week's Wacky Wednesday challenge, Angel and I took on the Balls in the Basket Challenge!  The task?  By using only our knees, we tried to pick up tennis balls, run them across the room, then deposit them into side-by-side trash cans.  I had no idea just how trying and exhausting this was going to be.  It's like we ran a marathon with tennis balls shoved between our legs.

By some miracle (and the fact that Angel was quite possibly more exhausted than I was), I was able to squeak out a very narrow victory.  But, we were both disgusting, sweaty messes when we finished.  It was like going back to boot camp.  Seriously!  I haven't walked around that clinched since I ate a package of potato chips made with Olestra.

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Each week on Wacky Wednesday, Angel and I share a really fun challenge that you can try at home with the kids (or other adults).  Some of our Wacky Wednesday challenges are physical.  Others are mental.  Sometimes we share some really fun scientific experiments.  And, just throwing this out there for the adults in the room.  Some of these challenges would make hilariously uproarious drinking games.

Last week, we did this! We attempted, quite comically, the Fish Out of Water Challenge.  Angel was able to master life as a catfish.  I couldn't not.  As I said, she's the size of a minnow and I think the fact that she's relatively short helped her out. I, on the other hand, am the size of a swordfish.  WATCH!

Join us next week on Wacky Wednesday to see what we have cooked up.  Wacky Wednesday airs each Wednesday morning at 9am CST on the WBKR Facebook page.

And, for a fun #Throwback, here's a look at photos from our very first Wacky Wednesday episode.  We tried, tragically, to make Moon Dough.


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