Darius Rucker is currently in the Top 40 with the Bob Dylan/Ketch Secor favorite "Wagon Wheel." Rucker has been singing it in his shows and was famously joined onstage at the Grand Ole Opry by Lady Antebellum for a version of it.

But the song exists in many covers from all points on the map. I searched "Wagon Wheel" on YouTube and learned as much. Fans of the song look to Old Crow Medicine Show's version as the definitive one. Co-writer Secor is a member of the band.

But I thought it would kind of interesting to put some of the different covers out there and see which of them you like.

And I might as well begin with:


Old Crow Medicine Show



Darius Rucker



Mumford & Sons



Jeremy McComb



Nathan Carter



Nate Hall



There you go. Now, I know you love the Old Crow Medicine Show's "Wagon Wheel" because that's the one you've been requesting to an overwhelming degree when compared to Darius Rucker's. So I'm going to leave them out and toss Darius into the mix with the other covers. Pick the "other" one you like best.