The Polar Bear Plunge was Saturday morning at The Hines Center in Philpot.  And, for the second consecutive year, record crowds and participants turned out to raise money for and support Special Olympics Kentucky!  233 plungers walked the plank at the Hines Center lake and plunged into the chilly waters and, in doing so, they raised $55,000 . . . an all-time record for Owensboro's event.  As you know, Jaclyn and I encouraged listeners (and a couple of fellow deejays) to join us in the effort.  And, yep!!  We've got video!!

Jaclyn and I plunged last year after putting a bounty on our heads.  We said that if, in 2011, we could get 150 plungers that we would jump too!  And we did!  We got over 170.  So, this year . . . we decided to build a team and encourage other first-timers to jump on board (or in that chilly-a@$ lake!) with us.  Among them . . . Dave Spencer, who jumped with WBKR listeners Bruce, Kim and Melanie!  WATCH!

I wish the camera had a boom mic on it, because Dave Spencer's grunts and groans were HILARIOUS!!  You got a little sample when he ran past the camera saying, "COLD!"

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out and supported the 2012 Polar Bear Plunge.  We are SO proud that this event is growing every single year and we really encourage you to join us in 2013 to make it even bigger and more special.  And, YES, that means WBKR will again be taking the Plunge.

So, Jaclyn, quit your whining.  Quit sending me text messages that say "I hate you" and "I am so mad at you right now" and "I know where your dogs live."  You are jumping again and you are gonna like it!!!!!!  Yep!  You're gonna, once again, be "freezin' for a reason!"

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