Well, hello. My name is Willow and I am the mother of eight new puppy dogs. Believe me -- Eight IS Enough!  Time to take them off my paws and for that matter, take me, too.  We are all looking for new homes and each is prepared to go our separate ways. Later today I will turn one loose to visit Moon & Chad at WBKR 92.5. If you tune in at 8:20 a.m. you can hear more about me and my brood -- sweet pups!  They wil grow up to be and strong like me.  A really good watch dog, and yet, gentle with kids, other dogs and our feline friends. My pups are already fixed and I won't have any more either! If you are interested in darling spawn, please email them at puppies@sparkyrescue.com or call 270-684-4787.

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