Attention Waylon Jennings fans from around the world! Today Waylon would have been 75 years old. But, like many, he died too soon in 2002. If you are a true fan and want to know about his early years, then visit Sky Corbin's blog at this link. Sky was owner-manager and deejay at KLLL, Lubbock, TX. where Waylon worked in radio. Click on that link and it'll take to you Sky's remembrances of that special time. I worked for Sky from 1963 - 1966 at KLLL and remember much of what he writes about. Growing up in Lubbock my sister Betty listened to Waylon on the radio and really liked his voice. I also heard and saw Buddy Holly in concerts around the Lubbock area. Waylon and Buddy were best friends and you've heard the story of how Waylon might have died in the crash that took Buddy's life, too.

So, happy birthday, Waylon. All your fans still love you and your unique music.

This image of Waylon you saw on the front page was taken from the KLLL 7th anniversary party May 25, 1965. I was there. In Sky's blog he writes extensively about that day.

This photo of Sky Corbin was sent to me by Jeff Bennett who worked for Sky in Oklahoma. Man, for a dude who is almost 80 he looks fabulous. I learned so much about radio from Sky. He was my first radio mentor. Here's to you, Hoss.

See Waylon perform MENTAL REVENGE from that era, 1966.

Waylon Jennings.

Rest in Peace.