Well, don't get used to the sunny skies and temperatures near sixty we're going to experience today.  By this time next Friday, it's going to be much colder and we could have snow on the ground.  Various forecasting services are calling for the return of accumulating snow!

This morning here at WBKR, we chatted with Eyewitness News meteorologist Joe Bird, who said that "various models" are suggesting we could see more snow in the tristate next Thursday night into Friday.

The Weather Channel and AccuWeather agree.  As of right now, The Weather Channel says we could see rain turning to snow on Thursday night into Friday and we could see one to three inches.


AccuWeather is calling for snow as well . . . but forecasters there haven't yet issued an accumulation prediction.  But, one thing's for sure.  It's going to be cold.


We'll keep you posted as the forecast picture becomes clearer.  In the meantime, enjoy the sunny skies and mild temperatures this weekend because they don't seem as if they'll last.