I've made it a mission to pay way more attention to Kentucky than I have. And, by that, I mean I need to get out and make destinations out of Kentucky locales I've never visited.

I expect to be busy.

The more I research about the Commonwealth, the more my eyes pop out of my head at everything I've been missing.

For example, last Labor Day, I visited the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace over near Hodgenville. I loved it.

That's what kick-started this whole thing.

Now, I've found a list of Kentucky's ten most beautiful historic homes and estates and, while that's obviously a subjective, I plan to run with it as my guide.

A couple I can skip because I've seen them like the Riverview at Hobson Grove in Bowling Green. Also, the Lincoln Birthplace and that cool old home on the top of the hill made it.

I've visited the Mary Todd Lincoln house in Lexington.

But the others? I've got my work cut out for me.

For example, I need to get back to Frankfort to check out the ONLY home in all of Kentucky designed by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

If you're intrigued by Kentucky history and looking for quick road trips or staycation ideas, maybe this will help you plan a weekend. Have fun!

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