Here's what I saw recently--an ambulance coming my way in the opposite lane with lights and sirens. I stopped. The vehicle ahead of me did not.

I always stop in those situations. But do I have to stop? (I probably always will, regardless.)

You see, I was on a four-lane road--Highway144 east, formerly U.S. 60 east.

I was eastbound and the ambulance was westbound.

I checked the Move Over Law for Kentucky regarding emergency vehicles and I'm not sure I'm required to stop in that situation. In fact, I don't believe THAT situation is even covered.

The state law, provided by AAA, requires, and I quote, "drivers approaching a stationary emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights, including towing and recovery vehicles, traveling in the same direction, to vacate the lane closest if safe and possible to do so, or slow to a speed safe for road, weather, and traffic conditions."

So, I'm gathering that there may not be a law regarding oncoming emergency vehicles. Maybe it's up to the driver.

Personally, I slow down or stop because an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens activated is traveling at a high rate of speed and it just makes sense.



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