Moles are a nuisance. Flies and mosquitos are nuisances. Raccoons can be nuisances. (Well, the ones in Gatlinburg certainly can be.)

But the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife isn't concerned about THOSE nuisances; maybe they're too "low-level."

No, the Kentucky agency, in its labeling of "nuisance" animals, is concerned about much bigger problems.

Now, before I go any further, this list isn't to be confused with DANGEROUS animals, although a few on the list would fall under that heading.

So, what does Kentucky Fish and Wildlife consider the Commonwealth's nuisances?

Read on:

Kentucky's Nuisance Animals

A couple of these creatures would cross over into the "dangerous" category, but the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says that these are ALL nuisances, and with good reason.

Snakes in Kentucky

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