Let's talk about coyotes. I'm seeing more and more of them dead on the sides of roads, lately. More than I've ever seen in my lifetime.

I have two friends who each have their own coyote stories. They don't include anything bad, like an attack. But both stories are tales of coyotes that were not scared off by the presence of human beings.

I don't mean to pick on coyotes, and it's not like Louisville is in our backyard, but I just can't come up with another type of canine that could've killed six huge llamas at a farm that sits behind the Louisville Zoo.

The Louisville Courier-Journal spoke with one of the owners of the Louisville Llama Farm. She said she was awakened very early Monday by what sounded like some sort of attack and found blood and tufts of wool on he property.

A veterinarian with Louisville Metro Animal Services told the LCJ that the attacks looked "canine in nature," even though an agency spokeswoman couldn't "confirm whether a coyote, dog or other large animal is responsible for the attack."

I have absolutely no expert knowledge of coyotes or the kinds of canines that COULD be responsible for this attack.

So maybe someone reading this who has had experience with wild animals in our area could venture a far more educated guess than I could possibly offer.

This is why I led with the coyote stories. They're the wildest canines we have around here, but they don't seem, to me, to be big enough to take down a 500-pound llama, let alone five more that are close to or the same size.

A mystery had unfolded in Louisville. I'll be interested to find out what investigators learn about this bizarre attack.


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