The folks at Google have a lot of fun...especially in the Google Trends department. (Just down the hall, third door on the left.)

They research everything.

(Maybe TOO many things--say some--but that's a blog for another day.)

They have determined what words are the most difficult to spell by state.

And, they're only assuming these words are difficult to spell because they are the ones most searched in each state.

Some of the words on the map below are, let's face it, super easy to spell, and some are weird.

Why are Arkansas and South Carolina searching "chihuahua" so much, for example?

Why is "hallelujah" suddenly the hot word in Delaware and Indiana?

Anyway, it's a fun list, and Kentucky's word seems to be the one that gives the MOST states trouble.

Take a look:


For a closer look, click here.

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