This is so good.

Whataburger recently went to social media to set the record straight on how to properly pronounce its name.

For years, so many have pronounced the popular fast food restaurant as "What-a-burger" and according to the brand, that's incorrect.

In a viral Tweet, Whataburger says it is pronounced as "WAT-ER-BRR-GRRR".

The Speech and Language Center at Stone Oak is weighing in. According to clinical director Madeleine Paul, ‘WHAT-A-BURGER’ is the proper pronunciation, based on its spelling.

Look, I always enjoy a friendly debate so call it what you want and continue to enjoy the burgers, french fries, and SPICY ketchup from "WAT-ER-BRR-GRRR".

Here's the Tweet sent from Whataburger as they attempt to set the record straight.

Many chimed in on this discussion on Twitter, but this may be the best comment I saw on this Tweet and discussion.


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