The first Monday of every month means Patty Millay is back for another edition of What's Cookin'?  Today, Patty is grilling up some delicious, made-from-scratch pizzas.

From Patty:

This is a family favorite and will suit every taste!  My sons have LOVED this since they were just little boys.  Everyone can top their pizza to suit exactly what they want and it's super easy to make.  I finally decided to share this on the radio so I had to "up my game" and I added a new twist or two and came to an whole new level of delicious!!!

Photo by Patty Millay
Step #1 - CRUST!

Okay, I confess ... I cheat on this! Have you seen the frozen loaves of bread dough at the grocery store?   Grab a package and you're halfway finished with your crust! Spray a cooking sheet with cooking oil and let the dough thaw for about 34 hours. Don't let it rise - you just want it thawed.

Cut each loaf into 4 or 5 sections and flour your hands a bit. Stretch each section of dough into a fairly round shape. Each will be unique, some large, some small - something for everyone!

Step #2 - Grill the Crust!

Heat your grill to 300 degrees and spray with cooking spray. I don't mean spritz it ... spray that baby down right! You sure don't want the crusts to stick!

Put your crusts over low flame and never leave their side! It only takes a minute or two on each side or you'll burn those babies! Flip with tongs and remove them the instant they start to brown.

Step #3 - Top It!

Now I could make up a big elaborate recipe for marinara sauce but I am not a fan of reinventing the wheel and the Ragu company has already mastered this task - so why try to steal their thunder? You can use the sauce of your choice - just don't use too much of it. A tablespoon or two per pizza will be more than enough. Add shredded cheese. Not a ton - just a small hand full - I guess that's about a quarter cup ... I never measure anything! Mozzarella is a classic choice but feta is good too. Pepper cheese will zing up the flavor rating ... use what you like!

Top with your favorites - pepperoni is the most popular but you can use ground beef or sausage (left over from a casserole recipe or breakfast), cooked petite shrimp is very good too! Add what ever grilled veggies you can snag from the garden, fresh herbs are fun too ... and voila'! Tis' Pizza!

Step #4 - Cook It!

Sprinkle with just a touch more cheese and carefully slide your creation back on the grill. Turn off half the burners and cook your pizza away from the heat source. This just takes a couple of minutes, when the cheese starts to melt, remove and serve!

You can make all your crusts in advance and have a buffet of toppings so your guests can assemble their own pizza! We did this for a symphony cook out last summer and everyone loved it! This was also the feature of Thing #2's (my youngest son) graduation party. You can serve a herd without breaking the bank!

Now for the new twists.  Try these combinations:


Photo by Patty Millay

Thinly sliced chicken breast (I grilled mine with Patti's sauce)
1 slice of Provolone Cheese
Baby Spinach Leaves
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Chopped Italian Parsley
Mozzarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese

Use just a drizzle of Patti's sauce as your base, then add a pinch of Mozzarella, Spinach, Provolone, Sun Dried Tomatoes, another pinch of Mozzarella and Parmesan.


Photo by Patty MIllay

Thinly roasted zucchini and yellow squash
Roasted Sweet Peppers - all colors
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Chopped Italian Parsley
Sliced Scallions
Provolone Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Ricotta Cheese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Just a very light sprinkle of EVOO on your crust, then add provolone, zucchini and squash, sprinkle with Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Ricotta cheese, Scallions, a touch more Mozzarella and a pinch of Parmesan Cheese.


Photo by Patty Millay

A light brush of spaghetti sauce, a pinch of Mozzarella, sausage, a slice of Provolone, pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes, more Mozzarella and then Parmesan, top with  few more tomatoes.  It's manly and mighty but a lady can use a knife and fork!!!



Photo by Patty MIllay

Grilled peaches - sliced (I did not peel mine)
2 Tbl Peach Preserves
2 Tbl Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar to garnish

Combine the preserves and brown sugar, brush on your crust.  Top with sliced grilled peaches then bake.  Garnish with Powdered Sugar!   Would also be excellent with vanilla bean ice cream on the side - just sayin;!!!!!

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