Do you remember Astronaut ice cream that was really popular back in the day? I remember buying some on a field trip to the Louisville Science Center in elementary school.  It was so cool because it looked just like a normal ice cream sandwich, but it tasted pretty strange.

How Freeze-Dried Food is Made

Freeze drying begins by, of course, freezing whatever it is you want with a machine made for this purpose(see the video below for what it looks like.)  Let's use Skittles as an example because so far I have seen them as the most popular candy of choice. So, the Skittles temperature is lowered to well below -0 degrees Fahrenheit before a vacuum is created in the machine. This ensures that the moisture in the Skittles will evaporate very quickly before it has the chance to melt. This is very similar to what happens to objects in space. Hence, the astronaut ice cream.

TKOR Via Youtube
TKOR Via Youtube

Usually, the item's flavor and scent remain true to the original, but the texture is totally changed. What was chewy is now super crunchy! Some will turn light and airy with bubbles (think cheeto puffs!) and others will become hard or brittle. When moisture is added back to them as you put them in your mouth, some candies will instantly melt like cotton candy.

Where to Buy Freeze Dried Candy in Daviess County

Click on the business name for more information about where they are located and to find product pictures. They'll make your mouth water!

Hill View Farms

-carries Tuma's Freeze Treats

The Cottage

-carries Confection Lab

Moonbow Apothecary

-carries Sow Good Candy

Whitesville Merchantile

-carries Merchantile Treats

Dunn Sweetly

-carries their own brand

Owensboro Rampage 14u Travel Hockey Team

The kids and parents are selling Frozen Harvest freeze-dried Skittles thanks to Logan Payne to help cut costs for the players. If you would like to support them, contact their team manager, Joey VanvactorKrista Wetzel, or any other team parent on Facebook.

TKOR Via Youtube
TKOR Via Youtube

While it may seem like a science experiment gone wild, freeze-dried candy is a HUGE food trend right now. I got some this weekend from the hockey team for Rollins, and you would have thought I gave him a million dollars! If you have a sweet tooth, or just like trying new things, I highly recommend checking out one of these places for some freeze-dried goodness.

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