It's National Onion Rings Day, so we want to know who serves your favorite in the tri-state. Which restaurant batters them up to golden crispy perfection? Chime in and let us know.

I'm not a fan of onions, but I love the taste of them. That's why the best onion rings for me, are ones that are extra crunchy or with a lot of beer-breading. I take the onion out of the ring and eat the outer coating. It's one of my favorite side dishes. I know it sounds strange and wasteful, but it's so delicious! Are you a fan of onion rings?


A tasteful holiday is upon us! Fans of batter-coated onion rings celebrate each year on June 22nd. It's time to batter and fry some rings. Combined with a delicious sauce, it's a meal. Whether you're heading to a local bar and grill, a nostalgic drive-in, or a quaint diner, many places in the area serve up delicious onion rings. Where are you heading for National Onion Rings Day?

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Now, let's have some fun! It's time to celebrate this tasty side dish and vote for your favorite in the tri-state. Some restaurants are out of order in the poll. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see any additions. You can vote for multiple restaurants if you have trouble deciding who has the best onion rings around. We'll reveal your top restaurants tomorrow!


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