When I was a kid, we visited Mammoth Cave a lot. My sister and I always got a laugh out of Dad trying to navigate a passageway known as "Fat Man's Misery."

Of course, guess who's getting the last laugh now? I couldn't entertain such an adventure now for anything in the world. And I won't even get into my issues with height in a cave.

Or how my claustrophobia would kick in something fierce.

But there IS a cave for me in Kentucky. It's one I can maneuver through with ease because I DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE MY CAR.

And neither do you.

Kentucky's Christmas cave is called Lights Under Louisville. Maybe you've been.

Definitely, I have not. And that needs to change.

And I call this holiday attraction KENTUCKY'S Christmas cave when I could really call it the world's.

According to Lights Under Louisville's website, when the Louisville Mega Cavern is transformed, it becomes the only underground holiday light show in the world!

It's a 30-minute drive through the passageways and features more than 850 characters and over THREE MILLION points of light.


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