Angel here.  First, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and our family is praying you and yours have an amazing day.  This morning I woke up early looked around my room as I lay there in complete silence and I began thanking God for the walls in my house.

I know you're probably thinking "why the walls?"  It wasn't just the walls it was my bed, the fact that my babies were all tucked in their beds safely sleeping.  The heat was running and I knew later on today I was going to spend time with family, my family, all together.

You see growing up it was just mom and I.  I have told you before I grew up without much but I always had momma's love and she worked hard for what we had.  Many years I remember we prayed to be invited to friends' homes because we weren't going to have a Thanksgiving of our own.

One of the most special memories I have is my momma's best friend Margie always making me my own Chocolate Pie each year.  Even if I didn't get to come to her house she made sure to get it to me somehow.  It made me feel loved.

As I got older I had the most amazing friends and their parents who invited me over to their homes to spend the holiday with them.  It was always wonderful but something seemed to be missing.

I know that you are not supposed to be envious of others but I was.  I watched my friends and their families celebrate together and I didn't have that.  I did have a momma who loved me more than her own life but I wanted the big table and the loud crazy laughter and the chaos and I wanted the mess after everyone went home.

I always loved that they thought of me as part of the family but goodness I wanted my very own family.

Fast forward 25 plus years and I sit here typing thinking of the amazing job I have that lets me share my life with you.  I smile in pride that I cooked my very first Pecan Pie for my husband last night in my own kitchen in my very own home.  I giggle in excitement thinking about getting the kiddos ready to go and how I get to hug the necks of my family today.

There was a time I only dreamed of an amazing husband to cook for.  A Thanksgiving I was homeless and had to depend on others to feed us.  Another one when we had no heat in our home and I remember back to when I went through my first divorce and I spent it without my boys (gut-wrenching).

God has been good to me.  I say that not to brag as if I deserve it more than someone else without because I know that is not true.  I just realize with or without, my life has meaning and yours does too.

I scrolled through Facebook this morning reading posts of those missing loved ones, a friend who lost a baby last year and this morning welcomed a brand-new addition, a friend who had success with her weight loss after years of trying, and a million others of what people are thankful for and I couldn't help but just be overjoyed for each person.

I think of all those celebrating today for the first time without a loved one, after losing their home, a job, the single mom or dad missing their children, the soldier unable to come home or those just completely struggling with the holidays.  Know that you have been lifted in prayer today.

Today I am so grateful for all those years I didn't have.  It has made me realize how much more everything means.  It has also made me a bit more sensitive to those who are going through all the same things I went through.

John 13:7 says "You may not understand what I am doing now, but someday you will."

It has taken years and a whole lot of hard knocks but I get it.  God was preparing me for much more.  He is doing that for all of us.

Giving thanks to all those who molded me, loved me, and helped make me who I am in this life.  Even those that caused me to stumble are part of the journey and for them, I am thankful too.

Most importantly I want to wish each and every single one of you reading this morning a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.  Hugs & love to ALL OF YOU~





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