It was bound to happen; Halloween is just too much fun. The scariest holiday of the year may also be the most fun. And yes, those in the Christmas camp have an argument.

For many that I know, the Halloween frame of mind comes into play at the beginning of September. And like folks do at Christmas, there are those who now plan special little trips around scary activities or, at least, fun Halloween activities. (A nod to those who love Halloween but don't go in for things that go bump in the night.)

And it seems Louisville has been ready, all along, for Halloween to take on the kind of popularity once only RESERVED for Christmas.

Just look at all the Halloween events you can attend between now and the end of October.

I've already written about the Jack-o'-Lantern Festival which looks SO cool, but there's so much more to do in Derby City. Why, do a search of "Louisville haunted houses" and you'll be here all day.

But then you'll need to tear yourself away from that search and get ready for the Ultimate Halloween Fest because, for one thing, it's already started. Every Friday and Saturday night through October 23rd, Pope Lick Park is the place to be. That's where you'll enjoy Jack Lantern's Light Show, The Haunting Escape Mansion, Monster Midway, the Legend of the Pope Lick Monster and so much more.

On October 29th through the 31st, Paristown will take over as the prime location for Street Fest, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Crashers Halloween Bash and Costume Party, and the big finish on Halloween...trick-or-treating (of course) and Hocus Pocus.

And there's no telling how many ghosts will be out and about that weekend; Louisville is an old city with a lot of very old homes and buildings that have been maintained. Who knows what secrets lie within?

The complete schedule for the Ultimate Halloween Bash is on the event's website.

But again, search "Louisville Halloween" and get ready for a LOT of frightening fun.

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