In the days of the old Wild West, many train passengers ran the risk of being held up and robbed by bandits that roamed the railways.  Now,  thrill-seekers can experience it for themselves-->

Photographer: Amy Drake

Angel here.  When I was younger my parents always watched old westerns and I loved the excitement of all the action.

Photographer: Amy Drake
Photographer: Amy Drake

Climb aboard the French Lick Scenic Railway on a journey back to the old west. The train will depart the depot loaded with passengers and the “payroll strongbox” in an attempt to make its way down the tracks past a roving band of bandits. The group, The Lost River Renegades, has been known to try and rob the train in order to steal the “payroll”. Let’s hope that the local Marshalls can keep everyone safe by keeping the robbers at bay long enough for the train to make its deliveries.

Ticket Prices:
Adults (ages 12 & up) – $20
Children ( ages 2 – 11) – $10
Under 2 – Free
* Additional charge for First Class and Dome Seating