Between my husband, my sons, my son-in-law and even my daughter and future daughter -in-law, they love hot and spicy foods. During the holidays, they will challenge each other to try new foods or sauces.When it comes to the world of hot and spicy food, I stay FAR away from it. I like to actually taste my food and especially my candy and snacks.

Last year, at Christmas, they opened a sauce that you could smell all over the kitchen. You could smell the hotness. It made your eyes water. Every one of them thought it was too hot except my husband, he just kept eating it and sweating the whole time he was saying how delicious it tasted. They were all shocked.

So, this year, I think I will have my hot loving family try some of the world’s hottest candy and snacks. We’ll see who's the last one standing. I’m going to start with the Lil Nitro Gummy Bear. I think this gummy bear might melt the skin off of their faces.


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Candy Land's Assortments/

Here is the description from Amazon.

  • 🌶️Infused with 9 million scoville unit chilli extract, 900 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper!🌶️


  • 🔥2- Pack - the single hottest gummy bear in the world per box.🔥

  • 🔥Challenge your friend and see who can take the heat!!🔥

  • 🌶️Consume at your own risk and handle with extreme caution!🌶️

And, I’m going to bring these five blazing treats too!

Five Hot Snacks That Will Set Your Mouth On Fire

Lil Billy tries Lil Nitro. Is it really as hot as they say? Get ready to laugh your a$$ off!

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