Would you eat a meal in total darkness?  The logistics of it sound tricky, how would you know if you've eaten everything?  What if you have to cut your food up?  Does it come pre-cut?  There's just a lot of things that concern me. I could eat a sandwich in the dark, but a meal where you have to use utensils?  I just have a lot of questions.  However if this sounds intriguing to you, there's an event in Chicago with your name on it!

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Dining in the Dark with the Secret Society is an event where you'll eat a full 3 course meal in the dark.  They say when you eat in total darkness you enjoy the food more, because your senses are just focused on the food.  You'll also be served by people in night vision googles.  The dining in the dark experience is put on by Fever, and they have dates from April 7th-May 8th if you want to make it up to Chicago for this unique event.

The event takes place at the Hubbard Inn and you must be 21 for it.  Here's what Fever says about it:

Come and discover what goes on within the darkness at Dining in the Dark with The Secret Society tasting experience. Eminent psychologists have been advocating dining in the dark as the ultimate gastronomic experience for years. In this mystifying multi-sensory experience, everybody arrives masked and mysterious. During your meal, an ensemble of enigmatic assistants will serve you as you dabble between mouth-watering dishes and the required rituals. Cutting-edge cuisine will have your taste buds tingling. With luck, you will be initiated into the Secret Society provided you pass a few trivial tests and trials. Dress smart and pay attention, because you’re in for an inconspicuous induction like you’ve never seen before.

If this sounds like something you're up for, it's $89 for a 3-course meal. They have 3 different options too vegan, seafood, and meat. You can check out the menu here.  What I found most interesting about the menu, is they don't even tell you exactly what you'll be eating, they just describe the courses with texture and flavor.  Super interesting.

So would you be up for dining in the dark?

Check out a video of what dining in the dark is like from a restaurant in LA.


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