It truly is an Owensboro landmark.  But Gabe's Tower has been vacant for years and what to do with it has been the center of many heated debates.  And, oddly enough, the hotel was most recently offered for sale on Ebay.  Yet, there it sits.   A vacant, towering reminder of what Gabe's used to be to this town . . . a sort of cultural and social epicenter.  But, now, some folks who remember those glory days have begun a campaign to save the once famous hotel from demolition.  And, there may be a way YOU can help SAVE GABE'S!  Listen . . .

This is my interview with Tiffany Taylor, who joined me on The WBKR Waking Crew today to discuss Gabe's Tower and the possibilities for the property.

For information about the initiative to save and restore Gabe's Tower, CLICK HERE!

What do YOU think?  Should we SAVE GABE'S!