Over the weekend, I was in Louisville to emcee the KHSAA Cheer and Dance Sectional on Saturday and the KHSAA Section 2 Dance Competition on Sunday.  Well, Sunday morning, my friend Brian took me to Superchefs on Bardstown Road.  It's owned and operated by Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson, who is well-known for his many appearances and victories on Food Network competitions!

Darnell recently won Food Network's Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge.  In addition to snagging the title, the Superchef won $25,000!

This is another reason why you have to visit the Superchefs restaurant at 1702 Bardstown Road in Louisville.  It's a "super" experience!

When you get seated at a table, you're going to want to pick this up as quickly as possible!


Here's what I ordered . . . Sub Zero Cakes!  Four blueberry pancakes with marscarpone sauce in between them.


My friend Brian ordered Banana Pudding Granola Encrusted French Toast.


The food was AMAZING!  And so was the service.  In fact, it's a tradition Superchefs for your waiter or waitress to give you a personalized "Thank You" card after your meal.

If you want to learn more about Superchefs and see the delicious breakfast and lunch menus, CLICK HERE!