Just saw this news breaking online and I had to share it!  I am a YouTube fiend.  I watch videos on YouTube nearly every day.  I love it and, because of my hectic schedule, often live by it for quick updates of news, sports and pop culture.  And now, YouTube is preparing for the launch of YouTube Red, a membership service that will offer users like me (and you) access to such videos without advertisements attached.  And there are some other really cool perks.  Here's the scoop!


YouTube Red will be available for $9.99 per month.  One of the coolest features about the service is the fact that it allows you to SAVE videos so you can watch them offline on a phone or a tablet device.  That's pretty cool!   I travel often and don't always have access to WiFi.  With YouTube Red, I won't necessarily need it.  That's awesome and so is this . .

YouTube Red will offer members access to new movies and series with YouTube Originals.

So, mark it!  October 28th.  The launch of YouTube Red!  And YouTube plans to offer viewers a FREE one-month trial.

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