So, although I'm not the first person you'd think of to take care of your cats and dogs while out of town for the weekend, I do loooove me some baby animals! And, who doesn't love panda bears?!? I saw this sweet video and just had to share it with y'all!

This one month-old baby panda was caught on film at the Taipei Zoo meeting her mother for the first time. Although this video is super sweet, I noticed a few interesting things, haha!

1. I really thought the momma was about to eat her when she saw the baby in the cage. (Fun Fact: The baby was kept away from the mother for so long for just that reason, she probably would have eaten her. She's not getting a nod for Mother of the Year.)

2. The baby sounds a little bit like Clyde's chew toy. I'm starting to see why the mother would have eaten her...

3. I love cuddly, furry animals! I guess that's why Chad and I get along so well.

Ok, enough with my observations, watch the video already! It's so sweet! Nothing like the love between a mother and her baby... no matter the species.