As some of you heard, Tuesday was a rough day for my house and our sweet little kitty, Pippa. Well, turns out, my sister had even worse luck in her house!

Just to recap, Tuesday morning Carsyn fell down on Pippa breaking her hip. Yes, it was tragic. Yes, I called Chad in tears. Yes, Carsyn and I laid in the kitchen floor with the kitty until I could get her into the carrier. If you remember correctly, I am the person who has repeatedly admitted to not liking cats. But, I love our little kitty Pippa.

After Dr. Richey and the wonderful staff at Kentuckiana Animal Clinic x-rayed her, they discovered her broken hip. (By the way, I had to sign a HIPAA form... for a CAT!! Haha!) So, basically we have two options. One is surgery and the other is to let it heal naturally. I'm still torn, because I want the best for her, but let's be honest, it's pretty expensive! So, for now, she's still at the vet.

Carsyn has cried three times wanting to see her and apologizing for hurting her. Well, that breaks my heart all over again!

So, here comes the second part to the tragic day for family pets. I get a frantic text message from my sister late Tuesday afternoon.

I'm sure you've heard me talk about my 13 year-old twin nephews. Well, our Uncle Eric promised the boys that if they kept their room clean for a certain amount of time, he would get them a pet. They decided they wanted a chinchilla. (Basically a mix between a hamster and a rabbit.) So, come Christmas Eve, they got one! We gladly welcomed Whiskers into the family. He was so stinkin cute! They would put him into a plastic ball and he would run all over the house. Well, I also have a four year-old niece; cue back to the frantic message.

We all know how little kids are. They can be gone for two seconds and distruction can occur. Well, in this case, it did. Apparantely, Tyler got Whiskers out of his cage to play in her kitchen. Well, according to her, he fell behind it, in between the kitchen set and the wall. She told Allison that he looked like he was sad and so she "gave him a bath." My sister was, to say the least, devastated.

So, in one day, Carsyn broke Pippa's hip and Tyler sent Whiskers to chinchilla heaven.

When I told Chad these were his words,"Good Lord! Remind me to NEVER let your family pet sit for me!" I was also reminded about a previous post from Uncle Tad about Pippa's future with Carsyn around. Maaaybe he's a fortune teller?!?

Sweet little girls in my family=2    Pets=0