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Kentucky Native Lands Image on USPS Forever Stamp
Something you may not know about Western Kentucky University, it has one of the most awarded photojournalism programs in the country. One former student has landed a very prestigious recognition for his work, an image that will appear on a USPS Forever stamp.
Thank A Farmer – Hillview Farms [VIDEO]
Hey everyone, Sidney the intern here! WBKR along with B.F. Evans and Wyffels Hybrids continues to Thank A Farmer this week at Hillview Farms.
Take a look as we talk to Jim Gilles, who took his family farm to the next step with the meats side by making their own label for retail cuts! Also, listen as …
My Ten Commandments of Frederica Street
Long before Highway 54 became what it has become and IS becoming, in terms of traffic, there was Frederica Street. There IS Frederica Street. There will ALWAYS be Frederica Street and its own unique issues.

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