I am always amazed at what you can learn from Facebook and Twitter.   And Saturday night I found out some cool news about Chris Young.  I follow Chris on Facebook and over the weekend he posted this . . ."If you're in Nashville go see my step brother Carter play in the band Young Cardinals.  Exit/In 9pm."   Did you all know Chris had a step brother who was making his rounds on the Nashville music scene?  I didn't either.  But I did some research and came across a couple of videos from some recent performances.  Check em out!

That video was shot January 30th at the Dan McGuiness Irish Pub in Nashville.  (And, quick note.  I think if the name "McGuiness" is in the name of your business you can probably leave off the word "Irish," right?)

There are various other Young Cardinal videos taken from that night floating around on the web as well.  Check out this song.  It's called "Robot Dreams."

Yep!  I get it.  It's a little different and definitely not "country."  But I appreciate the fact that they're giving it a go in Music City. And we all know that Carter has big footsteps to follow and it's noble that he's pursuing his own thing.  So, mad props to Carter.

Oh, and don't ask me which guy is Chris' step brother.  I have no flipping clue.  So, if you know, help THIS brother out!