I can't believe I'm saying this so early in the month, but we are right at 1,000 letters! Wow! There is SO much need right now in the Tri-State and we are relying on YOU to help us make sure that every child in our area has something under the tree Christmas morning. You always come thru for us every year and I have no doubts that you will help us out now!

Here's an example of another letter we have received...

Letter # 752

"I know this lady who is an angel in my eyes. She has gone her whole life helping others. She has three kids and three grandbabies. One child and two grandbabies stay with her. She is on SSI, but that is the only income she gets. Her children haven't had a true Christmas in nine years. It takes her whole check to pay for her one bedroom apartment. She struggles to provide household items, such as shampoo and soap for the family. She had to have half of a lung removed in October and is in bad health and currently on oxygen.

A young lady moved in next door to her and she realized there wasn't much furniture being moved in. She then went through her cabinents and filled her up a big box of food. Once she knocked on the door, she realized the young girl was pregnant. She cried and told her that she didn't have anything to eat. She hugged her and said Thank You, and never even got the girl's name.

Please, I'm asking y'all to help her. I am a 90 year-old lady and I see nothing but good from her."

This is letter # 752 and is a 16 year old girl, a three year old boy and a one year old little girl.

If you can help this family, please call the CW office at 270-685-0006 and adopt them for Christmas.

As always, any toys are helpful! We are needing ages 3mths - 18 years old gifts.