Right now, I'm thinking of Tim McGraw's big hit "Back When" and how it needs to include the line "...back when a phone was a phone..." Time was, if the phone rang and you weren't home...well, you weren't home. And the interested party had to try back later. We've come a long way, baby.

Nowadays, we may even forget that talking to someone is actually a function of our mobile devices. Yes, mobile devices. It's hard to just call them phones anymore. Especially when they account for so much entertainment in our lives. We have music, Facebook, Twitter, Internet, and my personal favorite...app shopping.

When I cruise through the Android...uh, excuse me...Google Play, shopping for new free apps, there's no telling what I'm likely to find. Well, I've found plenty. And I'd like to share with you my five favorites, beginning with #5:


If you love movies, I think this one is simply invaluable. First of all, let me applaud the genius of the Blockbuster kiosk. Second, let me applaud a mobile app that allows you to locate the Blockbuster kiosk nearest your home so you can go rent movies cheaply.

There are those who lament the demise of things like movie rental stores. But, let's face it, these Blockbuster Express kiosks are incredibly convenient. And, with the mobile app, you can create the list of movies you'd like to rent and link it to your chosen kiosk. It'll be ready when you get there. You know, I'm as old school as anyone about some things, but this modern convenience rocks! I love it!