I think I penciled this in for my year-end Top 10 the second I heard the title...which was one week before I actually heard the song. And, boy, was I right!

The Band Perry--Kimberly, Neil, and Reed--have given country music a shot in the arm since their debut single, "Hip to My Heart," was released in 2009. Their sound is fresh, yes, but it's infused with a heaping helping of old school Appalachian darkness. And that's never been more evident than in their latest single, "Better Dig Two."

This Brandy Clark/Shane McAnally/Trevor Rosen composition startles at first listen because it makes the audience think, "I'm amused and yet I really shouldn't be. She's letting him know indirectly that not only will her life end if he leaves for someone else, but so will his." You find yourself smiling uncomfortably at this jet black declaration of love all the while realizing Criminal Minds could adapt it for an episode.

Ah, the Perrys. Those crazy kids.

And, maybe I'm not kidding.