Mrs. Davis' 5th grade class at East View Elementary decided to do things a little differently this year. Instead of giving presents to each other, they wanted to donate them to the children at Christmas Wish. What a great group of 10 and 11 year olds! Office Manager Roxianne's daughter Cydney is in the class, so we decided to take the WBKR truck, the BKR bear and us to the school and have them present their presents!

These kids are amazing and they brought in over 35 toys! They even wrapped the gifts themselves, check it out!


I LOVED hanging out with the kids and Mrs. Davis. They really reminded me just what Christmas is all about... GIVING! And, if a class of 29 excited 5th graders can figure that out, we, as adults should remember it too!

It really warmed my heart to see how much these children cared about others. The neat thing is, it's very possible that the gifts they donated could go to a child in their own school, grade or even their own class. These 5th graders really set a great example for all of us. On behalf of the Christmas Wish office, THANK YOU! And, Merry Christmas!