A  few weeks ago, a loyal WBKR listener sent me word that a "Moon Mullins" had gold records for sale at a Nashville charitable online auction site and wondered if it was me. It is a widely known fact that I share an alias with another very famous star... he too could have owned these priceless treasures so I investigated further.

Sure enough, this site was selling memorabilia that did belong to me... at one time. Record companies used to award gold records to radio people when they helped a record become a hit - you know, back when DJs chose their own tunes the world recognized that radio play is how people come to love music. Two of MY gold records somehow found their way into the hands of the Nashville Goodwill. I think Barry from Storage Wars just overlooked these valuable pieces and it was left for Nashville's version of "Yuuup!" David.

The auction's over but you can see the posting here. I am glad that the recipient is a good charity. All that having been said, I did receive some gold records years back that I would never had let go. In fact, they are with my daughter, Rene, in her St. Francisville, LA. home... I hope!

One is for Folsom Prison Blues which I have written about before. This was awarded to me in Kansas City in 1968.

That same year, Jeannie C. Riley's Harper Valley P.T.A. was played first in the nation by me. Cool. I got the gold record.

In later years, in Louisville Jimmy Dean's I.O.U. earned me another one I am proud of.