If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: "Make healthier food cheaper, and this country will start to lose weight." You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The least expensive food at the supermarket, the food toward which a majority of Americans are gravitating in this less-than-ideal economy, is also the least healthy food on the shelves. It's a dual-edged sword.The health food sections at grocery stores feature some of the highest prices you'll find. So if junk food prices skyrocket, hopefully the trade-off will be lower prices on the healthy stuff. And if that junk food tax begins, we at WBKR will either be the first target, or we'll make people run for the hills.

On the very same day a big box of cupcakes appeared in the studio, we received a candygram in the mail. The toffee and brittle were sent by singer Corey Wagar who visited WBKR a month ago. What a very nice and thoughtful young lady. She just wanted to extend her thanks for our hospitality--which, by the way comes naturally. We love having artists stop by. But, anyway, I just thought it was ironic that at about the same time I was wondering what to have for lunch, the Sweets Express made a pitstop at the ol' Radio Ranch. So I decided to write about it. Of course, I'm still hungry and will need to stop now.