The Boston Marathon bombing affected us all, including Kenny Chesney. After seeing the devastation caused on that day, he decided that he wanted to do his part in helping he victims of the tragedy. With help from the Boston Medical Center, he founded the Spread the Love Fund to help those who needed prosthetic limbs and post-prosthetic care.

There are two different ways that you can help support those in need. All of Kenny's proceeds from the download of the song "Spread The Love" benefit the fund. Chesney also created a t-shirt with the message "Spread the Love: A Fund For Boston" on it. All net proceeds from the shirt also go toward the fund.

About his efforts, Kenny said, "Obviously, there's the ability to make a much larger financial impact from the t-shirts and song itself, but more importantly, it creates a community of people who are strong for Boston after something unthinkable happened." (courtesy of Dial Global Prep Nation)

To purchase the t-shirt click HERE.