Earlier in the week, on my birthday, I had a caller request MY favorite song. I couldn't think of it on the spot, because there are so many that I like. Then, a couple of nights ago, I remembered what it was.

I was going through some old DVD's that I had recorded and came up on an episode of Justified. The song "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" was used to close out the episode. It was Brad Paisley's version. And Brad's was the first version I ever heard of this song.

But the definitive version is by the woman I consider to be the greatest female country singer who ever lived--Patty Loveless. When you have Patty Loveless singing the greatest song ever written--by Darrell Scott, by the way--you have achieved absolute sonic perfection.

First I'll give you the studio version:



And now for a live version. Enjoy: