I have been writing my Shoulda Been a Hit column for months now and I suppose it was just a matter of time before this gal showed up in it.  I am a huge Patty Loveless fan.  My counterpart in afternoon drive, Dave Spencer, is one too.  In fact, we both firmly believe she is one of country music's most under-appreciated artists.  And 2000's "The Last Thing on My Mind," for me, is one of her most under-appreciated songs.  Remember this?

I loved that song.  But not a lot of other folks did.  It was the second release from her Strong Heart CD and it peaked at #20 on the Billboard Country chart.  In fact, it was Patty's 8th single in a row to miss the Top Ten.  She hadn't climbed that since back in 1996 when she hit #4 with "She Drew a Broken Heart."

While Patty Loveless had stellar success early in her career, she, like a lot of artists, couldn't sustain the momentum.  She landed five #1's overall: "Chains," "Timber, I'm Falling in Love," "Blame it on Your Heart," "Lonely Too Long," and "You Can Feel Bad."  But, by the time she released "The Last Thing on My Mind" she was losing chart steam fast.

Believe it or not, Patty Loveless hasn't seen a place on the Billboard Country chart since 2004, when her single "I Wanna Believe" inched onto it at #60.  She hasn't seen the Top 20 since 2003 when she got to #18 with "Lovin' All Night." Hello, People!  This woman is an unbelievable singer.  What has happened?

If you ask me, any number of Patty Loveless songs shoulda been hits.  The singles from her bluegrass CD's Mountain Soul and Mountain Soul II.  Any of the other ones I mentioned already.  And, most definitely, "The Last Thing on My Mind."  That song SHOULDA BEEN A HIT!