Jaclyn Graves

Jaclyn’s Purse O’Plenty??
So, last week, I was on the road at Hometown IGA. Long story short, I locked the keys inside the WBKR van. (I know, I know!) While I was waiting for sweet lil' Emily Carter to bring me an extra set, I started going thru my purse....well, I found some pretty interesting things...
10 Things You Don’t Know About — Jaclyn Graves
Moon here with a new wbkr.com feature: 10 Things You Don't Know About -- various people. Today we begin with Jaclyn Graves. I did that so my post would receive lots of viewings -- just like you are doing now. So, without further ado -- 10 Things You Don't Know About Jaclyn:
Carsyn Meets Charlotte’s Web
Well, as most of y'all know, my sweet little Carsyn just turned two years old. Along with that extra candle on the cake, she also has gained ALOT of attitude...can't imagine where that comes from!! Well, apparently, she's also gaining other emotions......I discovered this while watchi…
Today, I Went Back to 1999
Isn't funny how a song, a movie or a picture can take you back. And, I mean really back...even years. Well, today, flipping through the channels, I had one of those moments... Varsity Blues was on and there I was, fall of 1999... Friday afternoon pep-rally in my cheerleading uniform.

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