Jaclyn Graves

On The Road Tuesday To J & M Fireworks!!
Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm out and about on Tuesday!! I'll be broadcasting my midday show LIVE  from J&M Fireworks in Reo. Come check out the awesome fireworks...I personally can't wait until the 4th!!! J&M...home of the buy one get one FREE!! L-O…
WKRBC “Pump Up The Volume”
I took my Midday Show on the road Tuesday to the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center. It's the summer kick-off blood drive, Pump Up The Volume. And, y'all know me....I just had to get involved! So, of course, I donated blood while I was there...LIVE on the air!!
This Week On The MidDay Show
Hope everyone had a great weekend and a very Happy Father's Day!! Just wanted to give y'all a heads up on this week. Play the MidDay Mash-Up with me and you could win 5 FREE Visits to Sun Tan City . . . plus, get qualified to win a 3-night "Summer Getaway" to Gaylord…
My CMA Music Fest Sunday!
On Sunday, my friend Chelsea and I made the short drive to Nashville for the last day of the CMA Music Fest. (Thanks Todd for the tickets!!) I don't know what we were more excited about....seeing Miranda Lambert or having a girls day out!!
What is this growing in my yard?!?!
I come to you, asking for help with my yard...again!! Y'all were so helpful about getting rid of that stinky, pesky vine! (thank you!) Now... it looks like a root beer float is growing by my roses!!!
Jaclyn’s Got Her “Bowl” Goggles On!
In case you haven't figured this out . . . Jaclyn is, for all practical purposes, a dumb blonde.  Of course, she's naturally a brunette, so I suppose it's fair to say she's a dumb brunette who aspires to be a dumb blonde.  Tuesday morning, she went to the restroom at The Grand Ole Opry and was "…
Guess Who (Finally) Got an iPhone…Me!!
Let me just start by saying this... I AM NOT technologically savvy...not at all! I know, most of my generation is, but not me! I've never been one to care about what kind of phone I had, as long as I could call and text, I was good! Well, that's all changed now!
My Legendary Day!! (a little late! haha!)
As many of you know, I performed at the Legendary Live Music Fest last Saturday. (Awesome!!) I've had really good intentions of telling y'all about it here all week....then, all of sudden, it's Thursday! Oops! So, anyway...I still wanted to share and I hope you enjoy it!

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