I took my Midday Show on the road Tuesday to the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center. It's the summer kick-off blood drive, Pump Up The Volume. And, y'all know me....I just had to get involved! So, of course, I donated blood while I was there...LIVE on the air!!

Pump Up The Volume  will continue Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00am until 6:00pm. Located at 3015 Old Hartford Road, The WKRBC is asking for your help! The blood center currently provides six regional hospitals with their blood supply. Here's what you can expect the process of donating blood to be like....

Each donor is first asked questions regarding their medical history.  A mini-physical is then performed recording temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and hematocrit.  After passing this screening process, the individual will donate, this takes approximately 5 - 10 minutes.  Upon completion of donating blood, the donor will be asked to sit for a few minutes and enjoy a soft drink and cookie.  The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

During this event, you can enjoy breakfast in the mornings and hotdogs, chips and cookies in the afternoons! (Trust me, I sampled them all today...well worth the trip!) Also, after you donate, register to win some great prizes; such as, gift cards, a portable grill, coolers, bag chairs, a set of cornhole boards, car washes for three months and more! Plus, register to win a NASCAR super ticket package to the July 7, 8 and 9 races at Kentucky Speedway! Yep, the Truck Series, Nationwide and the Sprint Cup races!!

Dave Spencer and I both gave blood today (LIVE on the air I might add!)!! If we can do it, you can do!!

Our three day goal for the event is to collect 300 units of blood!!! Let's do it!!!
What a great way to help out our community!!